3D printing ideas for Christmas


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Jingle bell! Jingle bell! Jingle all around! Christmas is knocking at the door. Are you ready to make it unique and glorious? There’s a way which is cheap and flexible at the same time to prepare gifts.

You can magnificently organize gifts through 3D printing! Just think of – Bulbasaur, Bottle Cap Shooter, D20 Dice Holder, Mini Fishing Rod, Controller Wheel, Biscuit Holder, Polar Bear can holder and so many others!!

A concise demo is given below about all these 3D printing gift ideas.

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3D printing ideas for Christmas

1. A Valentine’s Day Animated Heart

You can create a ‘lowpoly 3D heart’ which can be used as an ornament or as a souvenir. It can also be used as a show piece or for decoration as well. You can customize the model size according to usage. Furthermore, you can also write words by printing on the surface of that heart.

The provided minimalistic 3D lowpoly heart can be created within 9 seconds. It is just a kind of STL format. You can also convert it in several kinds of STL format.

2. Polar bear can holder

Have you ever think of a 3D printed Polar Bear can holder? Imagine you are in a blooming mood and drinking something. Meanwhile, isn’t this holder increased your ecstasy more?

It will also increase your comfort during work time. You will remain safe from spoiling your device or documents through any liquid objects. Thus, it can be used as ‘safety tool’.

Furthermore, it can be one of the best piece for decoration because of its unavailability. Additionally, it can be a conversation piece also for your home as well. It can increase your table’s look wonderfully and can make you feel eye soothing by looking at it.

However, the following picture of the holder is designed to hold can but you can customize its shape as you want.

It can be one of the best gifts for Christmas as it can enhance the ecstasy of your Christmas more.

3. Bulbasaur

Who doesn’t like Pokémon at all? A 3D printed Pokémon can be the best gift for the Pokémon lovers or for the children.

 Tons of toys can be found named as balbusaur but only a 3D printed bulbasaur can be  duplicate as the Pokémon. It can be a toy for the children and serenity for the Pokémon lovers.

One amazing feature of it is that if you twist it, you will see two released tendrils and , Bulbasaur’s trademark Vine Whip will move as well.

4. Bottle Cap Shooter

Isn’t it too joss for having fun with this 3D printed bottle cap shooter? This can be the best Christmas present for a friend. You can boost your enjoyment of Christmas by having fun with it.

In addition, you can use Super-Lube lubricant for 3D printing which is food-grade. You can also chamfers into 45° in the top edge to make it more better looking (see the figure).

5. D20 Dice Holder

A best D20 Dice Holder can be made through 3D printing. As dices are tiny objects and losts easily so you can make a holder according to your choice.

A hexagonal dice holder looks really great and it can also be used for decoratio as well.

You can use PETG with added layer to reduce the sound of rolling. You can also use magnet to close the lid.

It will be good enough to use magnet if you have pet animal such as cat, dog. Otherwise the lid can easily be opened.

6. Pull Copter Finger Ring

Do you want to make this Christmas eve thrilling? You can do it easily with this 3D printed pull copter finger ring.

There are five parts you should print and afterward, you need to combine all those parts.

Print by using PETG at least the rotor only so that it will be more flexible and sturdier.

7. Labyrinth Gift Box

You may have a plan for giving money as a Christmas present. It can be a worthy gift for your nephew or cousin.

Therefore, it will be more worthier when you decorate this gift with a Labyrinth gift box.

It’s a kind of puzzle. One has to tease his brain to open this intricate maze.

It can be a prize gift as well. This money will get the individual only who can solve the puzzle first. Such a exciting Christmas gift it is!

8. Mini Fishing Rod

A small mini fishing rod is best thing to take while hiking or camping. Consequently, you can provide someone as a gift who is adventurous.

You can store hooks, lures and sinkers if you add a threaded endcap. You can also customize the size but mini size is best as you can simply keep it inside your pocket.

9. Biscuit Holder

Almost everyone likes to take cookies with milk or coffee. This 3D printed biscuit holder can be the best gift for anyone.

You can use it for a long time as it has 2 parts. So, you can clean or refill it also if you want. You can easily fit it with any kind of mug easily.

This gift item will be flexible as well. You can set it with your mug and accomplish your breakfast from the corridor or from any open places.

You can customize the diameter in 2″ or 3″ which can take 5 pieces of oreo biscuit easily.

10. Controller Wheel

A best gift for the game lovers. It works so well as Xbox controller. Though at first it might feel as weird to use but after using it for a couple of days you will find it comfortable.

Those who play a racing game can rotate it into 100 degrees and thus can get a smooth control. This tiny object can be a worthier gift for the game lovers.

You can customize the frame according to the controller. 3D printing filament will give it a smooth texture and be flexible to use for a long time.

Final Thoughts

Some of the unique and attractive 3D printed Christmas gifts are listed. All of these are pleasing and cheaper in cost. These are also easy to make shortly.

Those all gift items are listed according to consideration of all ages. You can make this Christmas gorgeous by arranging those 3D printed gifts.

Which gift item seems the most unique to you? And which is the most attractive according to you?

Without further ado let us know your remark in the comment section.

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