Top 10 3D Printable Tools Every Maker Should Have!


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3D Printing has made it possible to create your own handy tools for your workshop. Whether these are hobby tools or you need them on a daily basis, 3D Printing them can be sometimes cheaper, better designed, and more fun.

In this article, we cover the top 10 3D printable tools that are useful and innovative.

Let’s get started.

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Top 10 3D Printable Tools

1. Mouse bungee

Does your work table get messy with mouse wire? Then you should look into a mouse bungee.

This new revised version has a clean look with some new components. It also requires less material.

The mouse bungee uses a standard 2x 22/8mm size ball bearing. A small ridge prevents the bearing from sliding out to the other side.

Another noticeable fact in the design is that you can stick the bungee to the bottom of your monitor using tape. This saves table space when you’re not using the device.

2. Cable holder

There goes your mouse, but what about all the other wires tangling around your PC or laptop? You can organize them using a cable holder.

This specific model supports up to 8 wires. You can screw it to your table or the wall both vertically and horizontally. These two features already make this model better than most cable holders you can buy on the market.

The space between the slots allows free moving of the cables. A revision now lets you store thin cables as well, making it more viable for cable management.

3. Camera rig for smartphones

Inspired by the Go Pro Hero 3 fig rig and the Universal Phone Tripod Mount. This camera rig is focused on smartphones.

There are 4 different parts you need to print and assemble. Besides mounting your phone, you can also mount an external microphone or light to the quarter inch on the top of the rig.

The rig can stand alone by itself on a plan surface so it doesn’t need you to always hold it. 25 cm width allows most bigger size phones to fit properly.

4. Battery inserts for Altoids tins

Do your batteries keep rolling around and fall on the ground? Well, they’re supposed to because…Science. But they don’t have to if you organize them inside a box.

This Battery insert was made for AA batteries specifically. The space is just enough to fit in the battery and leave some gap so you can pull them easily.

And if you want to build multiple of these for different batteries, consider keeping them in this rack.

5. 3D Printer Tool Stand

All right 3D printing enthusiasts, it’s time to organize all your 3D printing tools in a toolbox. And that tool stand will be 3D printed.

This handy box can hold Flush snips, long nose pliers, Digital calipers, glue sticks, brushes, scraper, among other things. You can always tailor the design to fit your needs. There is a removable pen stand attached.

You can add more slots if your use other tools and remove compartments if you don’t need some tools.

6. Unlockable loose filament spool

If you have dozens of filament samples at your workspace, they can become messy and tangled very quickly. We don’t want that happening to our 3D printing workshop.

This spool is designed to handle your loose filament samples. The good thing is, you don’t need any screws to assemble the parts. They fit in like a glove.

You can lock and unlock the components and change the sample whenever you need. You can also adjust its diameter.

7. Fully assembled 3D printable wrench

Who would’ve thought that you could print a wrench itself? This tool is an excellent print with a clever design.

Unlike many other versions, this one is fully ready to be used straight out of the printer.

There is also a heavy-duty version of this project where you can also tighten a bolt. The maker has released many tweaked versions for people’s convenience.

This print has gained massive popularity over time with almost 500 makes.

8. TUSH – The Ultimate Spool Holder

If ordinary spool holders don’t cut it out for you, then meet TUSH, a well-designed spool holder that saves you time and hassle when changing the roll.

The holders come in two pieces. You will need to print 4 parts then assemble to make two. Get four 608 bearings. Now insert the bearings into the assembled parts and you’re good to go. No screwing required.

9. Dispenser for a syringe of flux or solder paste

Tired of pushing your thumb to get flux out of the syringe? Now you can do it with your index finger.

This compact dispenser has a great design and cool mechanism that makes getting flux or paste out of a syringe “not irritating”. The small hole on the small level makes sure you have free movement.

Do note that it was made with a 19.5mm syringe in mind. If you want to make one for a 14.5mm syringe, print an extra plunger.

10. Workbench Storage: Dremel Bit Storage

If you have dozens of Dremel bits all disorganized, it can be tiresome to get the right one when you need it. That is where this Dremel bit storage comes in handy.

This storage can handle all different kinds of bits. It has a total of 8 files. There are two drawers, columns of various sizes on both left and right, and holes of different shapes and sizes.

Having multiple divided sections allows you to quickly find the bit you need from that particular section. The drawers are spacious enough to keep long bits. The drawers have knobs for easy pulling. There are also 4 wrench cradles.

Final Thoughts

3D printing tools can be cheaper than buying them sometimes. And the best part is, you can overcome many lackings of the bought tools since you’re making a design that improves the quality of life.

We’ve listed 10 useful tools that are easy to make. You can get started with either and do some experiments. If you decide to make any of these tools, don’t forget to let us know.

So which tool in this list do you like most? Let us know in the comments.

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