What Can I Make And Sell With a 3D Printer In 2022?


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If you’re looking for an idea about, what can I make and sell with a 3d printer, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m sure everyone has heard about these amazing machines called ‘3D printers’. These nifty devices allow anyone—even those who don’t know anything about programming or engineering-to produce physical objects on-demand at home.

The 3D printing revolution is still going strong and there are so many possibilities for what you can make and sell with a 3D printer. Some people might be thinking, “What am I going to do?” But the answer lies in how creative your mind is!

The best way to make money with 3D printing is by getting yourself into the market early and investing wisely. Imagine what people will be buying in the next few years?

I have a list of ideas for you. Let’s get started!

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20 Cool Ideas To Print And Sale

The future of 3D printing is now in your hands. The technology was first developed over thirty years ago, but it has only just started becoming noticeable due to its rapid growth rate – expected 23% per annum over five more tidy years! So, if you’re thinking about starting a business this year- don’t be skeptical; instead, embrace change like usual with open arms because there’s no telling what will happen next.

1. 3D Portraits

3D printing is an amazing technology that can be used for many things, including creating portraits. This process allows the artist to create three-dimensional models of people and animals in different settings. It’s like taking your favorite memories alive!

3D Printed Portraits | 3D Gear Guide

The industry of 3D printing is booming and the technology itself has only recently hit mass adoption. With this opportunity, you can start your own business to support yourself or even offer jobs for other people in need!

2. Jewelry & Ornaments 

3D printed jewelry is one of those things that you either love or hate. But if it’s custom-made, then there are plenty who will pay top dollar for something different from what everyone else has on their neck. Selling 3D printed pieces can be an easy way make some extra cash by following templates found online or creating your own.

3. Customized Famous Bust Sculpture

Famous bust sculpture | 3D Gear Guide

Have you ever wanted to have a bust of yourself or another person? You can 3D print and sell these personalized statues for an affordable price! Prices range between $40-$210 depending on the detail in each design. I’m sure there are plenty of famous people out there that would love to have one made just like them. This makes such cool gifts too!

4. Architect Models 3D Printing

3D printing is changing the industry. It has made things easier for every profession, from artists to engineers of all industries.

Architect Models 3D Printing | 3D Gear Guide

With this new technology, it takes less time and effort to create models that were not so easily achievable before with traditional methods.

Now, you can print models of any architectural design. This would be the perfect idea for selling on the internet or in person to anyone who needs architectural models!

5. Fidget Toys

The fidget toy market is booming, and you can take advantage of this trend with a 3D printed design. You can print these items at home using high-quality PLA so they’ll withstand wear from children.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what shape or color of PLA material will best suit the needs for each individual customer.

You’ll be able to not only have more inventory on hand but also keep up with current trends that will make them stand out from competitors as well.

6. Customized Eyeglass Frames

While glasses are functional for protecting your eyes from harmful Sunrays, they can also be fashionable! These items often don’t suit everyone because no one’s have symmetrical ears nor do all faces look alike!

This leaves many potential customers frustrated when trying on traditional store-bought product. You can solve both problems at once by designing custom 3D printed frames that fit perfectly.

Customized 3D glasses are perfect for those who want to wear something more than just functional. This is a superb niche that you can start today because businesses like ‘Eye Buy Direct’ and ‘Warby Parker’ are booming selling cool eyeglasses.

7. Flower Vases, Pots/Planters

3d Printed Flower Vase | 3D Gear Guide

The 3D printed flower pots/planters are perfect for any home with an indoor/outdoor feel. You can print and sell them in various colors, sizes as well as with different designs on it!

3d Printed Flower Vases | 3D Gear Guide

You can also sell 3D printed vases to aspiring homeowners and other people who want a stylish addition for their homes. Vases are an easy way of adding beauty on any table, whether it’s at home or in the office!

8. 3D Model of Human Skeleton and Brain

3D model of human skeleton | 3D Gear Guide
3D model of human brain | 3D Gear Guide

This is another great idea for any business that specializes in printing models. It might be useful not only at home but also during medical school classes.

9. Personalized Items Like Phone/Mobile Cases

3D Printed Mobile Cases | 3D Gear Guide

The beauty and durability of phones are often hidden behind bulky cases. But now, 3D printing has made it possible to create personalized mobile covers that protect your device while also adding a stylish look!

You can start this business with just about any phone model on the market today – all you need is some imagination.

The demand will always remain high as people buy new devices every year. Therefore, there’s no limit to how big profits might get through these customizable designs.

10. Home Décor

3D Printed Home Decor | 3D Gear Guide

3D printing has the potential to revolutionize home decorating. Vases, lamps and other furnishings can be produced with ease through additive manufacturing techniques.

3D Printed Home Decors | 3D Gear Guide

You can sell your designs on the internet through an e-commerce site that will allow you to customize prints and ship them out immediately.

You can leverage traffic that already exists online in sites like Etsy where people are constantly looking for personalized items like home décor!

The best way would be leveraging by setting up an online shop with custom domains through platforms such has Shopify or BigCommerce.

11. 3D Printed Material for Bone Replacement

3D Printed Material for Bone Replacement | 3D Gear Guide

3D printing is also being used in medicine to revolutionize how we treat bone transplants. While this idea has yet become an operational procedure, there are many other projects that use 3d printers as their backbone in medical technology.

This is a great idea for people who are already in the medical niche and are looking for an opportunity to grow their business.

12. Customized Prosthetics

3D Print Prosthetics | 3D Gear Guide

Medical professionals have been using 3D printing for years to create customized solutions. One place where customization is especially needed is prosthetics, which can make them fit better and be more comfortable as well as affordable for the wearer!

3D Printed Customized Prosthetics | 3D Gear Guide

This technology also opens up new possibilities to make money in the field of medical science.

13. 3D Miniatures & Characters

3D Miniatures Characters | 3D Gear Guide

Superheroes are a very popular choice of character in the world today and printing them as miniatures can bring your business new customers just like that.

Adults enjoy picking up these little designer toys while they’re browsing around too so you’ll be able to sell not only kids but also grownups addicted on collecting their favorite comic book heroes!

3D Printed Miniatures Characters | 3D Gear Guide

If you feel like your budget cannot accommodate the cost of bone replacement material or custom jewelry pieces, then you can start with printing miniatures that requires less setup cost and easy to start with.

14. 3D Printed Toy and Animals

3D printing Toys and Animals | 3D Gear Guide

3D printed toys and animals are perfect for children of all ages. They can be customized with different paints or finishes to give them an attractive look that kids will love!

You could also accept orders from customers who want their own designs made by printing out any animal shape on demand.

Selling 3D printed animals can be a lucrative business opportunity if you know what to do. You’ll have to print them with certain features and finishes.

But if your designs are popular enough or you offer customization services for customers looking forward to something specific – like an elephant with big ears- then this might just be the right business idea!

15. Customized Ear Buds

When you find the perfect earbuds, it feels like a magical moment. They stay put and have great sound quality without causing pain to your ears! But checking all these boxes isn’t easy which means many customers are willing pay for an overall excellent product – especially if they can get both style AND comfort in one set of headphones or speakers.

With this 3D printing business idea, customers can finally enjoy their music without worrying about how it sounds and feels.

16. Personalized Keyholders

Personalized keychains are a hot item these days. You can make your very own personalized keyring, perfect for keeping all of those keys safe! They can be customized with any photo or design you want and then sold for profit on sites like Etsy and eBay.

3D Printed Keyholder | 3D Gear Guide

Personalized items are in fashion right now and this is one way you could tap into the market.

17. Mugs or Bottles

Personalized mugs and bottles are the perfect gift for any occasion. You can customize them to include your logo, give it to someone who wants one just like yours or treat them with some hilarious artwork!

18. 3D Printed Medical Models

3D Printed Material for Bone Replacements | 3D Gear Guide

3D printing has been making waves in the medical world. The technology provides doctors an affordable alternative to learn about human anatomy and also being able to plan surgery using cadavers. The models are so accurate that surgeons can do their research beforehand by studying these printed pieces before going into action with real patients!

19. Robotics Kits

Robotics is used for a variety of purposes, and there are many ways in which people can take advantage. With robotics, you can create automated processes that will make life easier for everyone. 3D printing has made learning about robotic technology easy as pie.

20. Customized Shoe and Sole

In the world of footwear, 3D printing is quickly becoming a popular choice for those looking to start their own business. Adidas has already entered this niche and offers customers customized shoes that are both comfortable and durable.

3D Printed Shoe and Sole | 3D Gear Guide

The company uses pictures of your feet as models. So, you get exactly what fits how you like your shoes to fit and there’s nothing more comfortable than that!

Where To Sell Your 3D Printed Items Online

With the internet connecting people all over this world, it is now possible to sell your 3D printed items online on different platforms. You do not have create an entire website just for selling these goods as there are plenty of sites out right now where you can post and promote them such as Etsy or Amazon among others!

You can make passive income by selling your products on these platforms. The advantage of using such services is that you do not need to put lot of effort into marketing, as everything will be done for you!

These platforms are visited by millions of people which gives you a good chance for display on their site as well as attracting more potential buyers who might be interested in what’s available in your store.

You don’t have to build up trust within the community before they visit- just make sure everything looks nice and you have good quality products in your store.

1. Etsy

If you are looking for a platform that will allow your items to be seen by millions of people, then Etsy is the perfect site.

Etsy is the perfect place to sell your 3D printed items. The online retailer has been around since 2005 and offers a wide range of handmade products from various talented individuals all over the world who are looking for an opportunity in their passions or hobbies.

While this marketplace is not specifically designed entirely toward selling 3d prints, Etsy nonetheless provides this unique service by allowing anyone with creative ideas produce anything they wish at prices set by themselves.

They charge $0.20 per item up for sale, which gets you an attractive profit margin on each of your sales! Plus they have 5% transaction fees of the price you set for each item.

2. Amazon

Selling on Amazon is a great way to start your own business and make some money. The marketplace has robust security measures in place, which means they have more resources devoted towards preventing theft or fraud than other sites do. but this comes at an expense! They charge an 8-15% commission from sellers depending upon what they’re selling.

Amazon offers a dedicated 3D Printing Store with a wide range of customized toys, mini-me’s and more. You can buy your own printer from here or get creative with designing the perfect toy!

If you have a creative idea for an item that would be enhanced by this technology, consider listing it on Amazon.

3. eBay

eBay is an excellent platform for selling 3D printed parts. It offers the perfect opportunity to take advantage of its auction-priced nature which makes it one great place where hard-to find machinery and equipment can be sold at better prices than anywhere else on Amazon or Etsy! Common products like jewelry or accessories fare well here too.

eBay is a fantastic platform to sell 3D printed parts for machinery and equipment that are difficult or impossible to find on other platforms. In such cases, consumers typically design their own designs which make them stand out even more amongst the competition!

Final Thoughts

The demand for 3D printed products has been on the rise in recent years, but it’s not just consumers that are buying them – companies also see how useful this technology can be.

The best way to make money with 3D printing is by finding the right product. With this technique, you can sell just a few pieces of any item and still maintain profitability because it doesn’t rely on scale economy like other types would; instead there are high margins even when selling only one unit!

3D printing offers a wealth of opportunities for those looking to start their own business or expand on what they are already producing.

The demand for 3D printed items such as shelves, wall mounts and clips has been increasing lately. The reason behind this is because people want better alternatives to what they can find online or at their local store!

With 3D printing becoming more accessible and user-friendly, designs are getting the attention they never had before.

Your design might just be the next big thing to hit the market! Now is the time to take your first step into this field.  All you need now is an idea, and a little bit of courage to start.


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